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United States Imports
Euro Area Exports
Euro Area Imports
China Exports
China Imports
Japan Exports
Japan Imports
United Kingdom Exports
United Kingdom Imports
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Balance of trade indicators

United States Balance of Trade
United States Net Treasury International Capital Flows
United States Foreign Direct Investment
United States Current Account to GDP
Euro Area Balance of Trade
Euro Area Capital Flows
Euro Area Current Account to GDP
China Balance of Trade
China Capital Flows
China Foreign Direct Investment
China Current Account to GDP
Japan Balance of Trade
Japan Capital Flows
Japan Foreign Direct Investment
Japan Current Account to GDP
United Kingdom Balance of Trade
United Kingdom Capital Flows
United Kingdom Net Foreign Direct Investment
United Kingdom Current Account to GDP
Switzerland Balance of Trade
Switzerland Capital Flows
Switzerland Foreign Direct Investment
Switzerland Current Account to GDP
Australia Balance of Trade
Australia Capital Flows
Australia Foreign Direct Investment
Australia Current Account to GDP
Canada Balance of Trade
Canada Capital Flows
Canada Foreign Direct Investment
Canada Current Account to GDP
Russia Balance of Trade
Russia Capital Flows
Russia Foreign Direct Investment – Net Flows
Russia Current Account to GDP
New Zealand Balance of Trade
New Zealand Capital Flows
New Zealand Foreign Direct Investment
New Zealand Current Account to GDP
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